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I have always admired the name combination ‘Mary Jane’ especially when ‘For Zaron’ is attached to it. My imagination of this Mary Jane has always been..
hmm, this Mary Jane sef, she go fine sef? This one that she has worked with a lot of notable people in the entertainment and beauty industry, will she be nice?” Plenty plenty things cross my mind make I no lie *covers face*. 
But on meeting her yesterday at the Makeup Artist Appreciation Day organized by Zaron, all my nonsense thoughts were washed down the toilet. She is not just fine, she has a lovely demeanor. I didn’t even know she was the one standing right next to me and greeting me (I got there late), until someone called her.

Some of the attendees included Adaramola of Talking Faces,

Yemisi of N’sure Beauty, Sandra of Review Naija, Giftys daughter, Nifemi of Niffy Signature, Lamide of Ties N’ Tints, Lola of Evolve Makeup and so many others whose names I can’t remember.

Anyway sha, the event was a success. Apart from getting to meet other beauty enthusiast, watching live demos by Mary Jane herself, plenty chopping and drinking of small chops and chapman, I also got a goody bag…..yes a goody bag with ‘makeups’ (in Giftys daughter’s voice) worth more than N30, 000. And yes ooo, I got pictures, plenty plenty.

The content of my beautiful red Zaron goody bag:

  • Zaron Face Palette (Contains 8 Shades of Cream to Powder Foundation And 8 Shades Of Pressed Powder)
  • Zaron Face Primer.
  • Zaron XXL Lengthening Mascara
  • Zaron Eclipse Collection in Full Moon 
  • Zaron Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Jazz
  • Zaron Duo Eyeshadow in Gold Rush
  • Zaron Lip Liner Pencil in Fussy Fuchsia
  • Zaron Perfect Finish

Review of each of the product coming soon…


Zaron Makeup Display Stand
Talking Faces in a serious thinking mood
Awards received by Zaron 
What do I pick, she is probably thinking.
Zaron professional makeup box
Networking matter!
Me sef must show small na 
This gown gat me tripping

Click to watch the demo
And the highlighting statrts
Aso Ebi’s natural hair sha
We just have to look at her well
Yaay!!! Here comes Uche
Blowing the siren
Lola admires
E remain small, we go soon finish
Lola poses for Faysslift
Love making her point
Serious discussion oooo!!
Zaron beauties

Chikitos of the art…

This gown sha
Na me ooo
Wait for me ooo
Add caption
Black affair
I had two cups and two plates……onijekuje
And some people say the fat must go…hehehehe
Oya lets take selfie
Selfie time
Show your teeth or goody bag
Beautiful souls
See us ooo
Mentor of Laive…. Yemisi Sereki of N’sure Beauty
Yemisi and Mary Jane 
Majestic waka in of the Madam Herself Gifty’s Daughter
And Gifty’s sha wants to carry the ‘makeups’
Wait, wait, lemme set well
That smile sha
Feedback time 
Niffy has something to say. 
Lola comments on the new face palette 
Mary Jane takes note.

Odinekachukwu Ishicheli

Creative Director – Faysslift (www.faysslift.com)
Beauty Editor – Rough Africa

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