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The blush story goes forth – It is called ROUGE.

It dates back to ancient Egypt where men and women both used it. It was initially made in cream in paste versions. It was made from all sort of things from strawberries, mulberries, red fruits and vegetable juices. It was seen as immoral when worn, it was common among the upper class women and prostitutes.
As a result, ladies resorted to bleeding their cheeks to make themselves appear red. What a means of looking prettier!!!

The turn about blush came when Queen Elizabeth started wearing makeup. Women coveted that pretty look and turned to lead paints mixed with vinegar called CERISE and Mercury sulfide for blush. Like one commentator put it, “this combination is the reason why high foreheads were in fashion, because the chemicals caused hair to fall out! LMAO
After so many rise and falls down to the 1970’s, the blush has finally gained ground in a woman’s makeup purse. The blush has found to make one look instantly younger, healthier, prettier and full of sparkling glow. Blush apart from beautifying and enhancing ones look can also be used to contour and highlight so as to accentuate the cheekbones.
When using though, be careful not to overdo it. Choose carefully. Find a colour that matches your skin perfectly well taking into consideration your skin tone. For a fair skin tone, rose and pink shades look great while apricot and even red sits well on a dark skin tone. Never wear a blush that is too light or dark else you look too artificial.
When buying always buy two shades at once, a light and dark shade to blend well. Make sure to always try on blush when buying because they look different on the compact case (if they are gel) than they are on the face.
I like to refer to the application of blush as the C and V method of blushing.
Apply the dark shade of the blush in the hollow of the cheekbone in a sideways V fashion.
Apply the light shade on the apple of the cheek if you are round faced.
And if have a long face? 
Use the same method but in a C fashion this time. To soften a square feature on a face, dab blush on the forehead and chin. 
The secret to a beautifully rouged cheek is blending. The right colour selection, application and blending gives a beautifully rouged cheek.
Odinekachukwu Ishicheli

Creative Director – Faysslift (www.faysslift.com)
Beauty Editor – Rough Africa

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