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It’s painful to watch a baby writhe in pain due to an illness,

but watching a baby die is worse especially if it’s due to the dreaded Ebola disease.

The Ebola virus hit Guinea first in 2013 and before spreading to different West-African countries. As of 25 October 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported a total of 10,141 suspected cases and 4,922 deaths. 

The deadly virus has hit Mali with its first case being a two-year-old girl who died on Friday.

It is reported that the girl traveled with her grandmother by bus from Guinea to Kayes in Mali. She was diagnosed with having the disease on Thursday and died on Friday.  

Mali’s government on Friday night confirmed the death of the girl, who has not been identified.
“In this moment of sadness, the government would like to express its condolences to her family and reminds the population that maintain very strict hygiene rules remains the best way to contain this disease,” it said. 
WHO revealed that the girl had already started showing symptoms – and was therefore contagious – before being taken to Kayes.
“The child’s symptomatic state during the bus journey is especially concerning, as it presented multiple opportunities for exposures – including high-risk exposures – involving many people,” a UN health agency stated, and as a result “WHO is treating the situation in Mali as an emergency.” 
With the contacting of the two-year-old girl and subsequent death, Mali is now the sixth West African nation to record a case of Ebola.

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